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We are Summit Group

  • Russ Roberts


    As a Certified Commercial Investment Member, or CCIM, I use my knowledge and skills to help clients achieve their financial goals through precise financial analysis and honest risk assessment on properties.

    I received my license when I was 18, following in the footsteps of my mother, who was a residential realtor where I grew up in Big Bear Lake, California. During college, I worked as a licensed assistant for a broker, while I earned a degree in financial planning with a minor in real estate.

    After college, I spent a few years at an escrow company in San Diego. It was there that I really learned the back end of the business. For the next thirteen years, I focused on financial planning but I always loved and missed real estate.

    As a broker, I believe in over servicing my clients by actually answering the phone or returning calls before the end of business day. Respecting clients as people and respecting their time has been key to my success for nearly two decades.

  • Anthony Kolb

    Managing Broker

    Anthony Kolb is joining Keller Williams with over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. He has a long list of accomplishments including: Managing Broker and principle of a commercial real estate and development firm and President/CEO/Founder of an outdoor industry product company. The vast skill sets that he brings to Keller Williams include business development, project management, contract negotiation, supply chain management, and marketing – to include branding and packaging, product development, forecasting, and strategic planning.

    Anthony’s personal expertise includes effectively negotiating sales and leases for a clientele encompassing the State of Washington, Federal Government, local and national franchises, and numerous private sector entities and individuals. His experience in the development and management of commercial properties range from the most basic tenant improvements to the development of new construction projects. For fun he enjoys restoring classic cars, skiing (alpine, back country and water), mountain biking, motocross, hiking, bungee jumping and mountaineering - he has even climbed Mt. Rainier! He has certifications and training in Wilderness EMT, Whitewater/Swift water Rescue Technician, U.S. Coast Guard Medical Person In Charge, and CPR.

  • Adam Ranger

    Commercial Broker

    Hello, my name is Adam Ranger and I am 27 years old. I was born and raised in the town of Naches (It's a Great Day to be a Ranger)! I attended college at Wenatchee Valley Community College and then transferred to the University of Jamestown to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and pursue my love of baseball. I am now back in my hometown and happy to be a part of the Keller Williams team! Please contact me with any questions. I'd be happy to help!

  • Travis Coleman


    Travis Coleman a Spokane real estate broker works with both commercial and residential properties. Travis has 30 years within the mortgage industry driving his enthusiasm for real estate. His passion to help individuals will ensure his clients receive nothing but the best service possible.
    Originally from Yakima, Travis attended Seattle Community College. His drive for knowledge encouraged him to attend The American School of Mortgage Banking. He then joined the Mortgage Bankers Association. His extensive education in the mortgage industry allows him to provide accurate and professional service making the buying or selling of your property a seamless transaction.
    When Travis is not serving his clients, you may catch him enjoying the great outdoors. His leadership skills enable him to inspire our youth by guiding them through activities such as fly fishing, hiking, and bush craft. Travis’s strong organization and planning skills also allow him to further his appreciation for nature in supporting his hobby as a beekeeper.
    Travis is dedicated to hard work and providing excellent customer service. His knowledge with the ability to listen will allow him to understand your goals and meet your needs. Let Travis commit to making your real estate dreams become realities.