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What our clients are saying...

  • “Russ Roberts has acted as our exclusive real estate representative during the acquisition process of our portfolio in Eastern Washington. The properties that we acquired with his assistance included a 12,000 square-foot retail center in Union Gap, a 76 unit apartment in Kennewick Washington and a 43 unit apartment in Umatilla, Oregon.   As a certified commercial investment manager Russ has the business acumen to study the market in detail and analyze the true effectiveness of the investment.  With his analysis tools he was able to provide us with an accurate picture of the internal rate of return, discounted cash flow models, and the future value when it might be the proper time to sell the property. In addition, he expressed our offers to the seller in a beneficial and positive manner enabling us to purchase the property at a fair price. Most importantly, all of the properties are performing very well, thanks to Russ.   With his charismatic personality he always maintains a winning attitude.  Russ is dedicated and committed to the success of his customers.   Since we were one of those customers we will use him again.“

    Gene Epstein
  • “I engaged Russ Roberts to complete a Broker’s Opinion of Market Value on the dental office I was selling.  My husband had passed away.   He proceeded immediately and provided that very week a full report, including selling options, lease options and rationale basis with color photos in a well-organized bound document.  Russ had been recommended to me by other dentists who had purchased or sold with his help.  I found him to be very knowledgable regarding Yakima businesses and dental offices in particular.   I appreciated his professionalism, his friendliness, his efficiency and his high standards. I recommend him highly for any business related to real estate.”

    Janice Brazeau
  • “Russ Roberts helped me find and purchase a local commercial investment property in the Yakima area. I appreciated his patience. He was not in a hurry to make a sale, rather he was patient to find me the right property. His philosophy mirrored mine in that he insists on honest straight forward negotiations. He was willing to do difficult things to make the transaction happen. He was very professional and gave me helpful investment analysis. He was always quick to return calls and get seller information to me. He is extremely knowledgeable in commercial real estate and has extensive experience. I was satisfied in every way with the entire experience. I would and will use Russ again and have referred several friends to him. I highly recommend Russ Roberts for commercial real estate services.”

    Dr. Owen Packard, DDS
    Creekside Dental
  • “Russ Roberts marketed a commercial building in a close-in Yakima neighborhood for myself and a partner.  It was a tough time to sell a building and a tough building to sell with it’s limited applications for most commercial customers.  We knew this was going to take time and determination on the part of a broker.
    Russ was a good choice, his knowledge of the local market and ability to stick with the marketing process was key.  As the months and then years passed Russ remained committed, pursing every possible lead.  He researched the neighboring commercial building owners and also looked at potential non-profit tenants.
    Eventually a viable buyer emerged, it was a long process bringing the buyer to closing and required several obstacles to overcome.  In the end the sale was completed.  Through the long process I came to know Russ well, perhaps most importantly, I came to trust him.  I would recommend Russ to any commercial real estate buyer or seller”

    Richard Geglio
  • “I recently completed a commercial transaction with Russ Roberts and his team.  Russ and his team were very professional.  They provided great data and pertinent information to help support the completion of my transaction.  I would not hesitate to use Russ and his team in the future.”

    Ricardo Baez
  • “Our transactions with you started with you helping me and my wife find out perfect first home!!! Locating a purchasing our first business!! Lease agreement for that business! Lease agreement for expansion of our youth shelters! Not to mention all the support, guidance and research for other projects we have considered. We hope a new transaction of expansions of our rental properties will be in the near future.

    We so very much appreciate your professionalize, your openness and honesty, your power negotiation style and superior understanding of the commercial real estate process. 

    We would absolutely use your services again and would strongly refer family and friends to you!!!

    Kyler Bachnofner
  • Russ took us in as newbies to the process of leasing and showed us the ropes. He is honest about the properties he represents to ensure a good match of tenants with property. Should we have a need in the future we will be sure to utilize Russ again! 

    Nathan Coppock, DC MS & Kristina Coppock, DC MS
  • “We would like to recommend Russ Roberts for any of your commercial business because of the excellent way he helped us in recent times. First, 6 years ago he was able to find a new location/building for our clinic that exceeded our expectations.  Price, location and square footage. Then he was able to list and sell our previous building. More recently Russ was able to obtain a lease for a rental office of ours that had been empty for 5-6 months before  we listed it with him. Russ knows the commercial markets values and will show comparable to back up his estimations.Russ is a sterling individual. We plan on using Russ Roberts for future commercial needs.”

    Drs. Tom and Scott Lally
  • “Russ represented the seller when I bought an apartment building in Yakima and I was the buyer and broker. Russ was very responsive to all my questions, brought the right people together to get me the best answers, knew good people to recommend for inspection, property management, closing, and was available after the sale for questions. I can easily recommend Russ for both sides of the transaction because he is attentive, proactive, and knowledgeable.“

    John Todderud
  • “I highly recommend Russ Roberts, Commercial Broker with Heritage Moultray Real Estate. Russ provided me with a professional commercial real estate analysis that was a crucial part of a building purchase in 2015. He has done the same for one of my clients who is now the proud owner of a commercial building in downtown Yakima. Russ has a unique understanding of the commercial real estate market. He can run the numbers, handle complex negotiations, and navigate the commercial real estate process.”

    Rob Tee